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A Dummy's Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin
Mannequin American views and guidelines on marketing/PR trends, news from the world of puppets and ventriloquism, bits of humor and other interesting but useless information. I post every Tuesday and Friday.
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Here's Jay Johnson at Vent Haven Museum

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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An embarrassingly old photo of a young geek sits on the lap of Dale’s first “Chip Martin” in Vent Haven Museum. (Photo used with permission of Vent Haven.)

Purposely standing in front of Dale’s photo and puppet, Jay Johnson forces people to focus on items highlighting his career. (photo used with permission of Vent Haven ... but not Jay's)

Chip Shot: Sneaking whiskey into work is pretty easy if you put it in your stomach first.

“It’s the Orange One Numb Nuts”


Any fan of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Sal” knows that Jonathan Banks plays the ultimate fixer. So her’s the perfect choice to play the salty sage teaching the next generation of DIYers to do right by their cars in this new ad for Fram.  Here’s another one. And here’s another one.

What Do You Think This Guy's Nickname Is?


Would You Continue to Make Out With This JerK?


I have no idea what is going on in this German Audi Ad … but would you continue making out with this guy if you saw him do this to an innocent dog?!




Brockmire Sells Sam Adams with Hysterical Pathological Honesty

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Chip Shot: I didn’t think I was such a bad driver until my navigation system said, “In 400 feet, stop and let me out.”




Brockmire Shills for Sam Adams with Hysterical Pathological Honesty


If you’re not familiar with IFC’s new series, Brockmire, you need to check it out. It’s not safe for work, it not appropriate for kids and it’s highly offensive … thus, it’s incredibly funny. It stars Hank Azaria (who voices several characters on the Simpsons).

And Sam Adams Beer has taken a leap and hired Azaria, as John Brockmire, to sell their beer in this highly honest and highly entertaining 30 second ad.

Pubs in the U.K.?


And I thought WI had a lot of bars!

Marketing Miscues



These two must be the stupidest people in the world.



Clever Marketing Idea


In the words of Matt Damon, “I’m going to science the sh#t out of this.” (You had to have seen the movie.)

Violent Corn Flakes Ad


This ad would be a bit too violent for today’s corn flakes aficionados.





Lexus Has a Way to Get Slow Cars Out of the Left-hand Lane

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Chip Shot: People say you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Well, you don’t need running shoes to run, but it fu%$ing helps.


Here’s Something to Smile About



This funny new ad says “Tesco Mobile gives you something to smile about.”

Female Condom Company says “Our Product is Weird,” in NSFW-ish Hilariously Good Ad


This video is a bit long (3 minutes), but it’s pretty darn funny … especially if you’re into a lot of sex-related jokes.

Lexus is Eliminating Slow Moving Cars in the Left-hand Lane with “Lane Valet”


Okay, Lexus is claiming to be working on technology that would automatically move slower cars driving in the left-hand lane, to the right hand lane. “A visionary semiautonomous passing-lane-assistance technology, it promises to bring us one step closer to a day when vehicles don’t just react to the world around them, they improve it. Making highways safer, vehicles more efficient, and even other drivers – better.”  I WANT THIS!

Photos That Gave Me Pause …




And the giant butt plug goes to …


Vintage Ads That Relied on "Sex" to Sell


This ad for Broomsticks Slacks says, “If you don’t play our way, take off our pants and go home.” The ad doesn’t make any sense … is rather violently sexist and makes me think I’ll never wear a turtle neck again.


For decades Griffin shoe polish successfully used sex to sex its product. Then the feminists raised their voices and ruined it for the rest of us.




Here Are Some Very Questionable Products

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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I don’t know what she promised him if he caught her a fly ball, but it must have been some kind of special incentive.


Chip Shot: Sex Ed classes in school should include 6 continuous hours of listening to a baby cry.


Meet Google Gnome … the Smart Yard is Finally Here



This is pretty funny video from Google. Yes, it was an April fool’s joke from Google but if you want to believe it's real then head on over to the Google Store and get all the accessories you need for the Gnomehttps://g.co/googlegnomeKnickers

Knickers by Snickers


From the company that know a lot about “nuts” comes Knickers by Snickers.

Questionable Products …

Clone-A-Willy is a penis casting / penis molding / DIY *** kit. According to the manufacturer the kits are “designed to create high-quality, realistic, vibrating penis replicas than can easily be executed in the comfort of your own home.”




Kellogg’s Cereal Lip Balm Start your day with Kellogg’s Cereal Lip Balm. The presentation tin includes five classic kinds of cereal to savor; Coco Pops, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Froot Loops and Corn Flakes – each has its own unique scent to savor.



Speaking of cereal, meet Cereal Hotel. It’s a line of cereal that’s marketed especially for adults.  Currently they’ve got Porn Flakes, Vice Krispies, Sugar ***, and Booty Pops. Each will set you back about $13. That seems like a lot of money for a box of cereal, doesn’t it?




Snarky Tea … do we really need this?

Did You Know … ?










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