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Funny, But Truthful Marketing

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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There is “probably” no truth to the rumor that Dale will be put on display at Vent Haven this year.

Chip Shot: Everyone has a different sense of humor. So please don’t ruin it for everyone just because you have a large stick up your ass.

Another Chip Shot: My fortune cookie said, “You will marry a professional athlete … if competitive eating can be considered a sport.”

Truth in Marketing




Questionable Marketing

This is why you should have a professional marketer design your signs. 





Memes That Caught My Glass Eyes








I Think she’s not very good at tying knots











New Ad Standards Take Snowflake Absurdity to a Whole New Level

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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Chip Shot: The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.

Another Chip Shot: If you’re afraid to check your account balance, you should probably check your account balance.

And yet, Another Chip Shot: I did some financial calculations today. Apparently, if I retire, I can live comfortably for about 16 minutes.



Britain’s New Ad Standards Take Snowflake Absurdity to a Whole New Level

Britain is now banning advertising showing women who can’t park or men who struggle to change a diaper in a crackdown on gender stereotypes. (Read that again.)


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says some stereotypes are harmful, citing ads that belittle men for carrying out tasks seen as female, or suggest new mothers should prioritize looking good over emotional wellbeing.


“Our new rule calls time on stereotypes that hold back people and society,” said Shahriar Coupal, director of the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP).


Starting next June, adverts featuring a depiction of gender roles that could cause offense or harm will be axed.



(above) If you insinuate a woman is physically weak, your ad will be axed.

The new rules follow a campaign for weight loss products featuring a bikini-clad model with the tag line “Are you beach body ready?” that drew a barrage of complaints. (Are you frigging kidding me!)

In November, retailer Marks and Spencer came under fire for a window display juxtaposing men in suits and women in knickers, while two months earlier Sweden’s advertising watchdog said a viral meme showing a man staring at another woman was sexist.



(above) Ads that insinuate the actions depicted in this cartoon would now be illegal under the new advertising standards.

“Harmful gender stereotypes in ads contribute to how people see themselves,” said Ella Smillie, CAP’s gender stereotyping project lead. “They can hold some people back from fulfilling their potential, or from aspiring to certain jobs and industries, bringing costs for individuals and the economy.”


Women’s rights groups welcomed the move. “Our society and our economy pays a heavy price for the constraints we place on boys and girls from our earliest moments of life. It has to change,” said Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society.

Excuse me while I go slam my head against a wall and marketers around the world begin slaughtering anyone who dares to create entertaining, humorous or slightly enjoyable ads.

Too Late to Send Back These Signs










Photos That Make Me Scratch My Head



Okay, if the story behind this photo is anywhere close to the one in my imagination, I want to meet the owner of those sunglasses.




I hope your customer service expectations aren’t too high. (If I owned this business, this lady would have been sent home.)





More Hilarious “True Facts”


It’s been a long time since I included one of these True Facts videos in my blog. But they’re hilarious and always generate positive responses from readers … so, sit back and prepare to laugh at True Facts about The Octopus.

Instincts Can Hilariously Keep You Safe


“Instincts” is a really funny ad about how Mercedes Benz tries to replicate the human body’s automatic reactions that protect us from harm.  Great copy writing.





Science Proves Getler and Brown Have a Strong Relationship

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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Chip Shot: I entered what I ate today into my new fitness app and it just sent an ambulance to my house.

Another Chip Shot: I don’t think it’s coincidence that “diet” has the word “die” in it.

And yet, another Chip Shot: Studies have shown that “humans eat more bananas than monkeys.” I don’t remember the last time I ate a monkey.

Science Proves Al Getler and Dale Brown Have a Strong Relationship



According to a recent study, “Making fun of your partner or friend can make your relationship stronger.” The research says having a top sense of humor is a fundamental requirement in most relationships- and lots of people consider a lack of it to be a total deal breaker.

Arguably, having a laugh is way more important than a person's looks (especially in Getler’s case) or how much money they have, (hardly any, in Dale’s case) as it means you can enjoy each other's company no matter what.

The study further points out that poking fun at each other can actually strengthen a relationship - as long as you're both laughing. (That may be why Al isn't able to create a relationship with his audiences.)

It’s Understandable Why These Products Were Pulled


The Wearable Futon Air Mat Set. Ideal for having in the office when you are pulling an all-nighter, it fits into a compact folder to be pulled out and worn just like a kind of coat.

Cut the Wire game. Maker of bomb-defusing kids' game apologized, and then halted sales of the product after they received complaints.

Avon Pulls Marketing Materials After Jameela Jamil (Who?) Slams Company For Shaming Women

Another company buckles to political correctness or shaming or whatever you want to be offended by. Avon pulled this print ad after some woman I’ve never heard of, complained.  We’ve got to stop giving in to fringe complainers, folks! It's definately true that dimples are cuter on your face than on your thighs. But we can't say that because it offends someone? Choose to grow a pair, or choose to never be able to deal with life in the real world. 

Thankfully, Sex Still Sells


How do you sell facial foundation makeup? By showing a half-naked Natalie Portman, of course.

As the “face” for Christian Dior Doirskin Forever Foundation, Natalie Portman shows off pretty much everything but her face. Go figure?

Love This Dunkin Donuts Print Ad


Signs That Caught My Glass Eyes

Guess the country … You’re right … Australia. What a surprise.


Guess the state …






Things That Could Hurt Vent Business

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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 Proud Wisconsinites

Chip Shot: Did you know a piranha can devour a small child down to the bone in less than30 seconds? Anyway, I lost my job at the aquarium today.

Another, Chip Shot: Although frowned upon, it is not illegal to call a toddler an ***.

And yet, another Chip Shot: I don’t have a “posse,” but I probably know 4 or 5 people who don’t want me to die.

OMG, another Chip Shot: The “back” in “horseback” riding is probably unnecessary.

These Could Hurt Vent Business








Signs That Caught My Glass Eyes







Three Memes








Password Pain



The best humor comes from truth … that’s why this 30 second ad for TD Bank is so funny … everyone relates to it.





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