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Florida Headlines are Too Funny Not to Be True

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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One of these neighbors is a jerk.

Chip Shot: Looking at inspirational quotes to feel better is like looking at a treadmill to lose weight.

Real Headlines from Florida Newspapers (I’m Not Kidding)

Florida Man Dies After Winning Cockroach-Eating Contest

Florida Woman Stabs Boyfriend for Farting on Her

Florida Man Breaks into Jail to Hang Out with His Friends

Florida Man accused of Killing His Friend, Asked Siri Where to Hide the Body

Herpes-infected Monkeys Terrorize Florida

Florida Strip Club Offers Free Flu Shots

Police Find Active Meth Lab in 23-Year-Old Florida Man’s Pants

400-Pound Woman Survives Sexual Assault by Herd of Manatees

Florida Shooting Range to Serve Alcohol in Restaurant

Tis the Season Fellas









This guy does not have a handle on his life.

Monopoly Versions are Out of Hand


Hilarious “He Was Made to This Song”



OMG, funniest Spotify ad I’ve ever seen.





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