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ConVENTion Reflections 11

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Chip Shot: “It’s an irony free zone where everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts … where everybody regardless of race, creed, color or degree of inebriation is welcome. A place of safety and nourishment. Waffle House is always, always there for you.” Anthony Bourdain 

ConVENTion Reflections 11



Lots of youngsters in this photo. For me, the best part of the ConVENTion is the Junior Contest. Young vents are often more original, more daring and more entertaining than their adult counterparts.






Leslie Brown, perennial energetic clerk at the Vent Haven merchandise table at Vent Haven Museum.




Jeff Dunham and Jay Johnson holding awards they undoubtedly received from Mark Wade.




THE Dale Brown, not receiving an award.






Jay, THE and Pete, taking an on-stage quiz on behalf of Vent Haven. I have no idea why Pete has a third hand in his lap.




A young Jeff Dunham during his “trying to look like THE Dale Brown,” phase.  I think he gave that pink shirt to Al Getler.







 The opportunity hang out with Jimmy and Betty Nelson never gets old.




Jay and Lisa getting their act together.  It looks like Jay is the vent and Lisa is the puppet?




THE with our good friend, Kevin Johnson. He’s a great guy and if you’re lucky enough to catch him in the hospitality suite at the ConVENTion, you’re in for a lot of laughs.




America’s Got Talent star Kevin Johnson appeared on David Letterman in this clip. 






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