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ConVENTion Reflections 6

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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2011 ConVENTion ... or "Where's Lee Cornell?


Chip Shot: I pretend to like people, every day. It’s called being an adult. That’s why we’re allowed to buy alcohol.


ConVENTion Reflections 6 ... A continuing TBT hodge-podge of photos we’ve collected from nearly 40 years of attending Ventriloquist ConVENTions

Quiet Moments at Vent Haven


I think this is a photo of ventriloquist Carla Rhodes taking a photo of Jay Johnson holding Cecil Sinclaire on the day Cecil was donated to the museum. I struggled for two days trying to come up with a funny caption for this photo. I gave up.  I guess there’s nothing funny about Jay.


 Liz VonSeggen and friend, chatting with visitors.

THE and Robin Tate, Jeff Dunham’s producer.

Pretty sure this is Jeff climbing up the stairs of his tour bus.  Then again, it could be a photo of Al Getler’s good side.

Jimmy and Betty Nelson relaxing in the shade. I can’t believe Lisa makes them wear ConVENTion badges when they visit the museun. Everyone knows who they are, Lisa!




Above: Bill Boley, Bob Rumba, Pete Michaels, Jeff Dunham, Mark Wade, Dale Brown, Al Semok and Jim Barber.


This is one of my favorite old photos from my conVENTion collection. Lifelong friends, including Bill Boley, who was a major influence in the very early days of Dale’s career.  (We’ve always used the others in this photo for examples of how not to do things.)


Sammy King




On the right, international entertainer, and incredibly nice guy, Sammy King. (Dale looks like he just got caught shoplifting.)


This clip from the Sahara Casino is a classic. The bit gets funnier and funnier and Sammy’s talent becomes more and more obvious.




Hospitality room misfits. Al Semok, THE, Lynn Trefzger-Joy, Sammy King, Stephen Knowles. One of them is not wearing underwear.




I think panel discussions are highlights of every conVENTion because attendees have the opportunity to gain advice from a variety of professional opinions. Plus, because the panels are unscripted, they often provide some of the funniest moments of the week.


Above: Moderator Dale appears to be boring everyone including panelists Ken Groves, Jerry Lane, Lynn Trefzger Joy and Mark Wade.


Below: Panelist Dale’s remarks appear to be going over the heads of Mark Wade and Pete Michaels, while Steve Axtel actually gets the joke.






































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