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ConVENTion Reflections

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Chip Shot: I remember when “3 times a night” didn’t mean trips to the bathroom.

ConVENTion Reflections

After attending almost 40 years’ worth of Ventriloquists’ ConVENTions, Dale and I have amassed a substantial number of photos of friends, acquaintances and happenings related to this important annual event. (At least it’s important to me.)

So, I have decided to start sharing some of these memories on my Tuesday Blog. The photos won’t be in any particular order … more of a hodge-podge of things I find interesting as I reminisce about times gone by.  Interestingly, everyone seems to have aged except me and my Mannequin American cohorts. 

When Jeff Dunham Dressed Like Archie




I think this photo was taken a fews years after Jeff was awarded an Alan Semok figure for winning the junior contest. Jeff named the figure, Archie.  Dale was one of the judges for Jeff’s last appearance as a junior vent.  If I remember right, Dale didn’t think Jeff had much of a career ahead of him.




This is what Alan Semok looked like around the same the time … appearing with a "Semok" figure … and with hair!




A photo of me in the hands of my creator, Alan Semok. 




One of my favorite convention memories. Back row: Peanut, Jeff, Alan, Eugene, me and Dale. In front: Louie the Jockey and Dale’s daughter, Lauren.




The photo above hangs in our office. Jeff was only copying Dale’s fashion sense at this point. His moustache came a year later.




Without a doubt, Jeff has been a major perennial supporter or the conVENTion and of Vent Haven Museum.  I’m not sure what year this photo was taken, but Jeff was still in his “I want to look like THE Dale Brown” phase. Even his little dummy looked like Dale.




Two great vent friends … Jimmy Vee and Lee Cornell.




Lee Cornell, Al Getler and Dale. Photo taken by Jimmy Vee.




Here’s a photo of Jimmy dressed as Batman.




A section of the 1981 convention photo. Unbelievably fond memories here. Dale (near the center, holding the original Chip Martin) is standing next to Johnny Main. On the far right is Cecil. Bill Demar is in the back.  Lucky to have known them all.


Let us know if you enjoy these photos. If so, we’ll keep posting ConVENTion Reflections every Tuesday.





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