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May 2016 - Posts

Susie Theune Featured in Humorous Johnsonville Commercials

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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Chip Shot: First thing on my bucket list is to fill the bucket with beer.


Our Best Friend’s Daughter is featured in Humorous Johnsonville Commercials

Over the past three months, an ad agency interviewed almost 100 Wisconsin-based Johnsonville employees and had them pitch ideas for commercials. The agency narrowed the submissions down to three and put full production budgets behind them.

Here’s the commercial that introduces the idea of using employee’s ideas. It includes a cameo of Susie (Glavan) Theune, daughter of our close friend, Jim Glavan of Sheboygan, WI. Susie is also included in other Johnsonville promotion videos. No word as of yet, whether or not her idea for a commercial will be used.

(As an aside ... here's a photo of Dale and the original Chip Martin, performing at Susie's 5th birthday party. That Chip now resides in Vent Haven Museum. Dale's haircut should be there too.)

Here’s Jeff’s commercial.

New Kona Beer Commercials are Hilarious

Okay, the new 2016 regional ads for Kona Beer are hard to find, but they’re worth it. Here’s the only one I was able to link to.

Here’s one from 2014 that pretty good as well. “Why only 1 Happy Hour?”

Misguided Marketing Ideas






2014 Comedy All-star Super Show Featured Henson’s “Puppet UP” (NSFW)


Here’s the opening to the 2014 Comedy All-Star Super Show featuring Henson’s Alternative’s “Puppet Up.” NSFW because of language, but funny none the less. The first skit involves a “Brothel Library.”



Funny Verizon Ads Feature 30 Rock Cast

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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Chip Shot: I pulled an all-dayer today … no nap. Pretty rough.


Verizon Teams Up with Cast from 30 Rock



Verizon is out with a new campaign featuring cast members from 30 Rock. This one depicts a bad streaming experience in a pretty funny manner.

This Stroller Brand Made an Exact Adult-Sized Replica so Parents Could Test-Ride It


The problem with shopping for baby stroller is that babies can’t tell you how they ride or feel, and parents can’t fit into them. So Contours created an oversized baby carriage to enable parents to experience how smooth a ride it is.  Simple … clever … effective … kinda funny. Click here to see it

Print Ads That Caught My Glass Eye

Curve is for men … apparently for men who are looking for women. The company’s “brand ambassador” is Erin Heatherton, pictured above. It’s interesting that the spokespersons for most women’s fragrances are women … not men. But it doesn’t seem to work the other way for men’s fragrances.


LG’s Twin Wash enables you to wash “tough and delicates together.” Thus the strange image above.

Creative Business Names

















Funny Ad Features Painfully Long Breakup

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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Chip Shot: My body is a temple … but it’s one of those temples in Thailand where they let monkeys poop all over the place.


Funny Ad Features a Painfully Long Breakup



This ad from Argentina is for a pain reliever.  The tagline is, “Pain doesn’t have to last so long.” Pretty funny as you watch the ad.

Marketing Miscues

Hard to believe no one caught these marketing miscues.


“Necklace enlarged to show luxurious color.” Too bad the ad is in black and white.

Always check out how your logo will be seen from every angle.






Drink a mega soda for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 












This Snapple Ad Reminds Me of Dale's Friends

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer.
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Chip Shot: I hate it when people text or twitter during my show. Mainly because it lights up their big dumb faces.




“It’s Not a Full House Without You”



Here’s a new entertaining ad from Snapple. Reminds me of Dale’s group of friends.

Here’s another one from the new campaign.

Funny Mercedes Benz “Sorry” Commercial


This spot is about 4 years old, but still a very funny example of how BAS Plus can defeat the Grim Reaper.

Canadian Billboard Gets a Response


Many Canadians expressed outrage about the billboard above. But if they went to the funeral home’s website to complain, this is what they found:

“If you're here, you've probably seen our "Text and Drive" billboard. And if you have, you probably came to this website to tell us what horrible people we are for running an ad like that. And you'd be right. It is a horrible thing for a funeral home to do. But we're not a funeral home.

“We're just trying to get Canadians to stop texting and driving, which is projected to kill more people in Ontario this year than drinking and driving. That's right. More. And while most people wouldn't even think about drinking and driving, over half of Ontario drivers admit to reading texts while behind the wheel. That's more than half of the drivers on the road today risking their lives, their passengers’ lives and the lives of their fellow motorists and pedestrians.

“Which should make you even madder than our billboard did.”

New Pedigree Print Ad Promotes “Firmer ***”


This Pedigree ad promotes “Firmer ***.” Gross?

Healthcare Foundation Takes Advantage of Bernie Tag Line


Citizens have seen AIDS Healthcare Foundation Free STD check "Bernie" logo spoofs on billboards in Los Angeles. Now the campaign has begun taking over the New York City subway poster sites.




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