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June 2014 - Posts

Hilarious New Campaign from Newcastle

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Piss Off You Wanker!

Newcastle Brown Ale had a big hit with its "If We Made It" ambush campaign around the Super Bowl. Now, the British brewer has done something similar for July 4. And if you watch the ad all the way through, it’s pretty darn funny.

The new campaign, from Droga5, is called "If We Won," and it imagines what America would be like if Britain had won the Revolutionary War. It also continues the tradition, begun last year, of celebrating July 3 as Independence Eve—so the Brits can sneak in with their bangers and mash ahead of Independence Day on July 4.


A Funny Way to Market Milk

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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“Watching paint dry isn’t boring if it’s body paint and it’s on a stripper.”
Chip Martin

Survival of the Fittest Sells Milk


Here is a humorous series of “Drink Milk” commercials promoting survival of the fittest. I have no idea how they’re supposed to sell milk, but some of these are really funny. Watch them in order because they sort of tell a story.


According to this ad, it's not complicated. No matter what football you like, watch it at your local Hooters.

Summer Drinks are Sweet and Potent

From Ad Age:  Marketers are flooding the market with fruity, and in some cases very boozy, drinks infused with everything from watermelon to margarita flavors. Here are a few new libations for your summer enjoyment:

BuzzBallz come in plastic, round freezable cans in flavors such as "Strawberry Rum Job" and "Forbidden Apple." A few of them were recently spotted at a Walgreens in Chicago.


Happy Juice Express recently began hitting stores in South Carolina. A 24-ounce bottle has 12% alcohol-by-volume, which is about three times the punch of your average light beer.




Remember when watermelon was for kids? Watermelon is increasingly popping up in booze flavors, including this one from the Beam-Suntory-owned Pucker brand.



What happens when you combine margaritas, watermelon and bubbles? This.




Jose Cuervo Teagarita. Margaritas are hot. So is hard iced tea. Cuervo combines them both into one drink.


Jay Johnson’s “The Two and Only” Will Premiere on VOD in August



POP TWIST ENTERTAINMENT recently announced that Jay Johnson: The Two and Only! will have its worldwide premiere through InDemand VOD. It will be offered in 54 million cable and satellite homes throughout the United States and Canada beginning August 1st.  InDemand will also sell the program on a download-to-own basis in advance of its DVD window.


Click here to see a trailer for the movie

Jay will also being headlining the third annual Double Talk show benefiting Fort Mitchell's Vent Haven Museum. David Turner, Jake LaMarca and Cincinnati firefighter Denny Baker also will perform at the family-friendly show 3 p.m. July 20 at Notre Dame Academy Performing Arts Center, Park Hills.


Tickets ($20) are available at ventshow.com, or by calling the museum at 859-341-0461. Vent Haven Museum is open by appointment through Sept. 30. Those who attend the show may use their Double Talk 2014 ticket stubs for a free tour of Vent Haven, 33 W. Maple Ave., Fort Mitchell, KY.


The filmed version of Johnson’s Tony® Award-winning Broadway show of the same name was directed by Bryan W. Simon, and produced by Marjorie Engesser. We were in attendance when the show was shot at the historic Thalian Hall in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jay is a good friend of ours and we wish him great success with the televised show and DVD sales.




Vintage Ads That I Find Funny

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Vintage Ads that Caught My Eye

“Large, Sagging Contours Made Trim and Shapely”

Noooooo! Please, don’t! Don’t do as this ad suggests and apply Formula X to your body. Because Formula X simply enables you to watch your boobs disappear! The copy for the ad above is pretty hilarious.

You Have But One Face


A self-massage machine to keep the winkles away and bring a perennial bloom to your cheeks … probably caused by a short in the equipment.

Men, Don’t Wait to Get in on This Fashion Statement

Stay cool this summer with asymmetric man-thongs. The most insane thing a man can wear this summer. More photos and info here ... if you dare.


New Anti-Smoking Ad



Above is a print ad aimed at our buddies Jeff and Bob. The ad is for a product that’s supposed to help people quit smoking. Unfortunately Jeff and Bob are way past “premature ageing.” But the lady in the ad looks dateable.


Bicycle Ads Take Some Heat

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Bicycle Ads Take some Heat


Bicycle maker Huffy promotes cycling as a way to break free from everyday life. It’s a nice concept and a good way to encourage women to take up cycling.




But some groups have taken issue with the ads because the campaign appears to suggest that the majority of moms’ lives are focused on housework. Apparently these folks think mom should have been put behind a desk or behind a checkout counter.




The Ethical Adman says, “To define women's lives through housework is like giving one of them a vacuum for Christmas. It says ‘this is who you are. This is your job. This is what is expected of you.’”  I doubt very much that’s the message Huffy intended.


I’m tired of marketing efforts being bashed thin-skinned minorities who interpret those efforts to be politically incorrect. But that’s what social media has brought us, so I doubt things will change for the better anytime soon. Sad really. And definitely an encumbrance to marketing creativity.


Maxwell Spoils the Movie




In this funny clip for movie theaters, Gieco’s Maxwell the Pig gets a new job and can’t help but spoil things for customers.


Food Deserves Delicious




This rather humorous and well-written ad for Kraft asks viewers to visit its recipes page and in the process, makes a star out of lettuce.


Finally, Beer Slushies



Get a cold cap on your beer and enhance your thirst-quenching drinking experience with the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban. Created by Kirin, one of Japan's top drink manufacturers, this is part of a big recent trend in "cold" or even "super cold" beers in Japan. These "frozen beer" slushies were a huge hit for Kirin when it opened special beer gardens serving them in Tokyo in 2012.


Phillip Jones in England




Our buddy Phillip Jones was recently in Ulverston, England for the Stan Laurel birthday festival … another fine festival he’s gotten into. Stan was born June 15, 1890.


We’ll be seeing Phillip in a couple of weeks at the Ventriloquists’ ConVENTion at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott. Sign up now! Click here for more info.





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