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February 2014 - Posts

How to Market a Funeral Home

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

An Agency That’s Learned How to Market Funeral Homes

Marketing funeral and cremation services can be a daunting task. How do you attract attention? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you make yourself approachable and memorable?

If you’re 1 Iron, a branding communications firm in Milwaukee, you convince your client, Schmidt & Bartelt, to use humor.  That’s right … humor. A risk? Maybe. But after you view these regional commercials, I think you’ll agree that the ads are marketing gold. The actors seem real and their stories are believable and entertaining. What more could you ask for?

Here’s the most recent ad, and my favorite.

Here’s another ad in the series. Like most of the ads, it’s the last line that creates a smile.

This one is also a favorite. It's informative in the beginning and entertains at the end. This lady has lead quite the life … and her kids don’t know about a lot of it … which is the whole point of pre-planning.

Eat Your Way to Bigger Biceps




Eat your way to bigger biceps as you shovel food into your pie-hole.


Eat Fit Cutlery is a stainless steel knife, fork and spoon with dumbbells as the handles. The flatware tips the scales at 1 Kilogram or 2.2lbs each - the equivalent of a bag of sugar. Knife and fork set is $125 and the set with dessert spoon weighs in at $149.




Please Yourself by Drinking Juice?




Here are a couple of rather unusual Lithuanian ads promoting a juice bar. Yes, they're real ... real odd.




How Long Did They Practice This?



Here’s a rather cute puppet video that may not seem too impressive until you realize that the puppet is operated by two people and the hands are two different people. How much practice do you think it took to do the “The Cups Song”?



Vodka in a Box

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

What Took Them So Long to Come Up With … Vodka in a Box?

It even has a sippy straw! Sorry, not available in the U.S.

Yes, It’s a Real Sheep

A Spanish artist inspired by the artwork of Salvador Dali transforms dead sheep into bedside tables.

Oscar Tusquets created his new furniture collection as a tribute to the famous Spanish artist. Creepy? Yes. A great wedding gift? Absolutely.

I Want One of These!

Sorry animal lovers … I hate squirrels. I especially hate squirrels that steal food from bird feeders. Solution?  The Squirrel Boss.

This squirrel proof bird feeder not only keeps squirrels away, it entertains people by allowing you to “zap” the critters with harmless static electricity. Wonderful! Watch and enjoy.



FIAT Ad is Funny

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


Chip Shot: “Watching the Olympics is a great way to see someone else’s dreams die for a change.”


FIAT 500L Ad for Unbelievably Big Car


Okay this is the first time an ad with Sean “Diddy” Combs made me laugh … or at least I was close to laughing. Actually it’s a pretty good ad and gets the point across of how surprising it is to see a four door FIAT.

Doggy Bad Breath

The ad above is a few years old, but I just ran across it. It made me smile so I thought I’d share.

Money Can’t Buy You Love




Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you this weird pillow to make out with.  Listen, I’m not here to judge you on your kissing skills or lack thereof. And I know not everyone has a special someone to lock lips with. So for those folks finding themselves alone, you can at least get some practice time in with this unusual pillow.


Throw a couple of these on your couch, turn on a Barry Manilow song and there you have your evening plans all worked out.


These lippy cushions are for sale at DIY community site Instructables.


I Can’t Type …



You can’t get much more sexist than this vintage Xerox commercial. And that’s what makes it so entertaining today. Imagine … 7 copies a minute. Jeff B. eat your heart out.

Not Everything the Beatles Did Was Cool


With all of the hubbub surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, I thought I should point out that members of the group didn’t always make great decisions. Take the get up Ringo is promoting for Tommy Nutter Designs. Seriously, Clarabelle was dressed better.

Muppets in Subway Commercial

Here’s a new ad featuring Jared and the Muppets. Of course it’s a tie-in with “Muppets Most Wanted.”




Gieco Calls on Pinocchio

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin,

Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (… and sometimes Monday)

Pinocchio Was a Bad Motivational Speaker


Gieco finally called on Pinocchio to provide a laugh in this new commercial.

Marketing that Defys Gravity

Sports Illustrated put bombshell Kate Upton on a Zero-G plane and took photos of her floating about in swimsuits. The whole concept is brilliant.

Think about it. What is the enemy of big breasts? Gravity! And in these photos, Upton laughs in the face of physics.

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