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November 2013 - Posts

Banned Insurance Commercial

 A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have you pressed this link yet? You will.


Your Wife Drives the Car Too



Can’t understand why this commercial for Mercator Car Insurance had to be pulled … unless a woman happened to see it.


Repay Your Mouth



 Here’s a weird and funny ad for Tooheys Beer.


Below is one of several print ads that are part of the campaign.




Best Billboard Ever?




A billboard at London crossroads Piccadilly Circus is programmed to show a virtual boy standing up and pointing at actual British Airways flights as they pass over the ad, which also identifies each plane's flight number and place of origin or destination. It's a nifty illusion.


Coca Cola Donates to Typhoon Relief Efforts … and Takes Flack for It



Even while Coke sales are declining, the soft drink giant is still putting its advertising on hold to focus on a more important cause. Coca-Cola announced last week that the company is suspending its brand advertising in the Philippines so that it can donate its entire ad budget to typhoon relief efforts. The company has so far donated more than $2.5 million in cash and in-kind contributions.


While many supporters have lauded Coke’s efforts in helping typhoon victims, some have questioned whether suspending ads is a marketing ploy in and of itself.


“It is still an advertising move,” one Reddit user pointed out. “People will find out what they did, think they are a better company because of it, and buy their product to support it. As great as it is, it still gives them advertising.” DUH! That comment is why I have disdain for comments on social media.


Charity eBay Auction




Jeff Dunham recently auctioned off a “Little Jeff” ventriloquist dummy signed by Jeff and used in his show. Nice. Here’s the video.


The “Little Jeff” portion of Jeff’s show is hysterical. If you get a chance to see it, don’t pass it up.




Modern Day Pinocchio Used in European PSA

 A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Modern Day Pinocchio Used in European PSA

Apparently nearly 650,000 people in Europe are HIV Positive and don’t know it. Thus this ad using a “Pinocchio.” When asked if he has a condom … well, you’ll see. Watch his face. It’s a long way to go for a predictable ending.

Vintage Ads Used Sex to Sell Just About Everything … Just Like Marketers do Today

In the 50’s if you needed a new exhaust system for your car you apparently paged through catalogs looking for a topless woman wearing nylons.

What better way to sell Quck Way Bar Mix than grabbing attention by highlighting lemons … and a half naked, well endowed woman.

Foot Locker's Hilarious "All is Right"

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Foot Locker’s Hilarious “All is Right”


Click here to see a really funny commercial from Foot Locker. Spoiler alert, Mike Tyson returns Evander Holyfield’s ear. Thanks to blog follower Jeff Perkins.

Create Your Own Unpardonable Turkey



This is actually fun. Click here to create your own ugly and unpardonable turkey.

Unpardonable Turkey creators let you dress your turkey up like a complete jerk, complete with "No Fat Chicks" t-shirt and Crocs, so you'll feel better about causing their untimely demise. You can also add a speech bubble that says something truly reprehensible like "Thanks Obama!" or "I'm in advertising." Die, turkey scum! http://labs.someecards.com/turkey/

 Getting a Tan is Now Racist


 The owner of Club Sun Color Studios had to pull this ad after people complained it was racist??? But the ad did convince me to get a darker shade the next time I’m repainted.

Finally, an Adjustable Toilet Seat


Americans can now relax. You have a place to put your fat asses after Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks to Your Loo


Click here to see a toilet puppet singing about water conservation. (I heard “OMG!” several times when others around me were watching and listening to this.)

This funny PSA was produced by WaterAid for World Toilet Day”. The campaign is intended to draw attention to the fact that 2,000 children die around the world everyday because of a lack of basic sanitation. The singing toilet does an excellent job of drawing attention to WaterAid’s cause, one that I suspect many people in the developed world are totally unaware of.

 Interestingly, many years ago, Dale had a toilet puppet made by famous puppet maker, Verna Finley. He used the character for a Kohler Plumbing distributor meeting. The routine was actually pretty funny. But the size of the puppet dictated that it needed its own, oversized case. And that caused travel problems. So Dale sold the puppet after using it only a handful of times.


Funny New Joe Boxer Ad

(Chip’s Tip: Don’t wear a black coat in front of a black backdrop.)

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have you pressed this link yet? You will.

Kmart Teams Up With Joe Boxer



In this new holiday ad Kmart urges men to #ShowYourJoe. It’s funny, but does it sell anything? I don’t think so.


Banned Beer Commercial



Okay, this is just wrong. But it’s funny.

Yes, She Could Make a Potato Sack Look Good 

Here’s a bit of classic PR. At one time a few critics claimed that one of the reasons Marilyn Monroe appeared so glamorous was the clothes she wore. So in 1952 20th Century Fox arranged for her to be photographed wearing a potato sack. Yes, she even made that look good.  See more photos of Marilyn in the potato sack dress here.

 Have Some “Nuts”


Above is one in a series of ads for “Nuts” candy bar. All have the same premise … have some, errr, “nerve.”


Neil Patrick Harris Dreams in Puppets (NSFW)





I’ve highlighted a couple of these Neal Patrick Harris videos before in this blog … so here’s another one. NSFW. Stick it out to the end. Lots of puppets, puns and penises.





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