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August 2013 - Posts

Smart Marketing from the Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
I post every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Brilliant Piece of Marketing from the Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous

Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee is the gravesite of the man who made "the beer that made Milwaukee famous." Sort of. Technically, the man who made the beer was August Krug, who opened up his own brew house in 1849. Less than seven years later, Krug kicked the bucket, leaving an opening for his young bookkeeper to step in to run the business-and marry his widow. Though former bookkeeper, Joseph Schlitz, renamed the business after himself in 1858, the company didn't become a household name until disaster struck more than a decade later.

When the Chicago Fire devastated the Windy City in 1871, the company sent barrels and barrels of beer down the river to their smoldering sister city. A lovely gesture, sure, but also a shrewd one: many of the big breweries in Chicago had burned to the ground or were severely crippled as a result of the fire, so by sending in his reserves, Schlitz was able to secure a whole new hops-loving market. Sales more than doubled.

Joseph Schlitz didn't live to enjoy his success for long. In 1875, he booked tickets for a European trip via the SS Schiller. It was a fatal mistake. The ship struck a reef; lifeboats were inadequate and/or damaged, so many passengers either drowned or died of hypothermia before rescue arrived in the morning. Schlitz's body was never recovered. The gravestone at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee is actually a cenotaph, a monument erected to a person whose remains are missing or simply located elsewhere.

Newcastle's "No Bollocks" Campaign is a Winner

Newcastle's "No Bollocks" tagline is perfect: It gives you a taste of the beer's blue collar British heritage without cramming it down your throat. And it's an original way of positioning a challenger brand against pretty much every other beer in the world.

The company's commercials are especially refreshing when placed side-by-side with the advertising of most American brewing companies.

Click on this link, http://www.youtube.com/user/Newcastle to watch some of the beer's best and funniest commercials ... no bollocks.

New Just Do It Ad is Worth Seeing

This new commercial from Nike celebrates the anniversary of the "Just Do It" tagline. And as you'd expect from Nike, the ad is pretty good.

Whatever's Comfortable, from Southern Comfort

Okay, you tell me ... is this a great commercial; or one of the worst you've ever seen? I'm still on the fence.

Best Brewer T-Shirt of the Year

From our friend Gene Mueller at WTMJ radio, who took this photo at a recent Brewer game. Apparently, the guy made the shirt himself. If he made a thousand of them, I'm sure he would sell out in 5 minutes.

Glove and Boots Respond to Comments

I'm a huge fan of Glove and Boots. Click here to see their latest post where they respond to viewers comments.

Unusual Ad for Science World Exhibition

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Unusual Ad for Science World


Above is one in a series of print ads for Science World's "The Science of Sexuality Exhibition." All of the ads I've seen so far are attention-getting and provocative ... which I guess is what you should expect for such an exhibition.

Vintage Tiparillo Ad

If you're familiar with vintage Tiparillo ads, you're familiar with the fact that whatever profession was highlighted the professional was well endowed.

These three specimens feature a marine biologist, a census taker and a librarian (the copy for the latter one says, "Let her light it herself. That way she'll have to put down the book.) Nope, no sexism to see here. Move along.

Get the Job of Your Dreams

Here's a very unusual and NSFW commercial from the UK for a job placement service. I have a lot of comments ... that I won't make. I'll leave that up to you.

How to Pitch an Editor - Step 5

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Quote of the Day
"Opportunity often looks like a lot of work." - Ashton Kutcher
(I know ... I never thought I'd be quoting Ashton Kutcher either.)

How to Pitch an Editor - Step 5

Throwing Stuff Against The Wall Isn't A Strategy: If your idea of gaining publicity is spamming the media with generic announcements and waiting for replies ... or worse yet, calling editors to ask if they're going to use your press release, you should be looking for another job.

If a story can't hold up in a 10-second live telephone pitch, nobody is going to pay attention to it in an email. And I have yet to see an email campaign customized enough to seem truly personalized, so the faux chummy stuff can't take the place of a story with real substance and a brief, well prepared, one-on-one pitch to the editor. If you're trying to get publicity any other way, you're doing the media, your client/employer and the reputation of other PR practitioners a huge disservice. 

Coke Takes on the Obesity Issue

Coke is taking an interesting pro-active approach to being blamed for contributing to obesity. This split-screen ad is meant to compare granddad's modest approach to life with today's steady diet of too much everything: oversized sandwiches, lattes and pre-TV-dinner hot dogs. In truth, Coke has a point.

Of course the company doesn't want you to cut out Coca-Cola, though. Sugar water is cool, so long as you're riding your bike to work and taking the stairs.

Get Thin by Drinking Coke

While we're on the subject of Coke and obesity, ironically here's a vintage ad from  1961 for Coca Cola that points out that "this bottle has no more calories than half a grapefruit." "Now don't you go getting any thinner." And the spokes lady points out that, "... it keeps me from eating something else that might really add those pounds."

Banned Bud Light Commercial

This banned commercial is about 7 years old ... but still wrong and still funny.

Will Women Purchase Bras from a Vending Machine?

Vending machines are convenient for when you're on the run and need a quick snack and a soda. But what about when you're on the run and you realize you forgot to put on a bra? If you live in Tokyo and happen to be near the Une Nana Cool shop where Wacoal has installed a bra vending machine, you're in luck. For just 2,940 yen you can have your very own wireless Fun Week bra.

Jerry Seinfeld on How to Write a Joke

Dale has written a book on how to write dialogs for ventriloquist characters. If you're a vent, you can purchase the book here. If you want to learn how Jerry Seinfeld goes about writing jokes, (and who wouldn't want to learn from the best?) click here to see a five minute video of Jerry describing his process ... plus he tells some great jokes.

How to Pitch an Editor - Step 4

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer


How to Pitch an Editor - Step 4

Just Say No: PR people often have it tough. Companies routinely want to get noticed in the media for doing stuff that doesn't deserve or warrant coverage. So PR people usually have two choices: Either assume they're smart enough to spin stuff past journalists and bloggers and get away with it time after time, or have the guts to push back and get better stories from their clients/employers. The truth is PR folks need to be a lot less accommodating, and a lot more (and more loudly) realistic with their clients/employers.

The Slide at This Water Park Must be Amazing!

SLO Down Wines

If you name your wine "Sexual Chocolate," you're obviously trying to turn a few heads. In fact, the wine's website describes the vintners as "the guys who brought your daughter home late."

To publicize the wine, those curfew-breaking dudes put out a few commercials. But forget most of the wine world clichés -- there are no beautiful images of grapes on a vine, or a group of people elegantly sipping from a wine glass. Instead, the clips feature winemaker Brandon Allen in a bright yellow banana hammock, tight rainbow boxer briefs and assless chaps. Oh, and there are also threesomes happening, people getting high and an S & M sex scene.

Click here to see one of the milder commercials. May be NSFW for some.

Want to Know if You're Good in Bed? There's an App for That

Spreadsheets is a new mobile app that "monitors your performance in bed to provide statistical and historical feedback" by tracking a user's "movement and audio levels through the accelerometer and microphone to provide statistical and visual analysis of their performance in bed," according to its website. Essentially, the app determines how well a user performed in bed based on the volume and speed of movement of both partners, as well as how long they lasted.

Like relationship app Kahnoodle, Spreadsheets attempts to turn sex into a game by allowing users to to acquire "achievements" which range from having sex in the afternoon or having sex that lasts at least 40 minutes, to having a "Lazy Sunday," which requires using the app five times on a Sunday, reported New York Magazine.

New Muppet Movie Trailer

Here is a trailer for the Muppet Movie "Muppets Most Wanted."

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