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Which Toilet Paper is Really Best?

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Which Toilet Paper is Really Best?

Toilet paper: almost everyone uses it, but do you put much thought into which brands you buy? Do you have a brand preference, or just pick up the biggest and cheapest package available at Wal-Mart or Costco? Consumer Reports put on their 2-ply lab coats and got to work stirring, pulling, and caressing various brands of toilet paper to find out which brands really are the best.

What qualities are important to you? If you have fussy plumbing or use a septic system, the papers that dissolve the best in water after some agitation might be your choice. Strength and tearability? They test those by checking how well a steel ball passes through a pile of sheets. Softness is hard to test with cold machinery, so testers evaluate those by just touching them ... with their hands ... I think.

Curiously, the top performers are only available at Wal-Mart. Those are Great Value Ultra Strong, Wally World's house brand, and two products from White Cloud. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers! White Cloud toilet paper is tops. [Consumer Reports]

Science World Uses Humor to Attract Viewers

Okay, this is a funny commercial for a serious program.

Construction Sign Uses Humor to Entertain and Inform

This sign at a construction site in Toronto, uses a new way to indicate speediness, though I think they deliberately left it unclear whether they mean the 72 days the marriage lasted before Kardashian filed for divorce against Kris Humphries, or the 536 days it took for the divorce to be finalized. Or perhaps they meant the days her newest marriage will last. I just hope the building is being built on a more solid foundation.

Glove and Boots Hired by YouTube ... No, Really, They Were

Lest anyone doubt the popularity of Glove and Boots on YouTube, they were recently hired by YouTube itself to create a video explaining copyright for the YouTube Copyright Centre. Done in their signature style - complete with appearances by Gorilla - this is a great primer on copyright law, fair use and the basics of what is and isn't allowed to be posted on YouTube.

If you've ever wondered why your video was taken down on YouTube - or what to do about it - this is the video to watch.


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