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Ship Your Pants

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Ship Your Pants


Juvenile humor reigns supreme in this new Kmart commercial featuring store workers encouraging shoppers to "ship your pants." The shoppers take full advantage, too. Other folks ship their drawers and their nighties, and one old dude even gleefully ships the bed. 

Nestea Can Help You Find a Career as a Cheerleader

So you walk into a college career fair wondering what you may be interested in. You pause, notice an ice bucket and, rather than soak your head in it, reach in and pull out a bottle of Nestea. Click here to see what we all would wish would happen next.

Suddenly you are...just as confused as you were when you walked in but you can at least spin the bottle to help you decide what you want to do. Of course, the bottle ends up pointing to a group of hot cheerleaders who love to have you hoisting them above your head and generally becoming their best buddy around campus. Even partake in a pillow fight.

All because you have some iced tea. If only these things happened in real life.

"When You Can't Find the Words, We Provide Them"

It would seem this Swiss ad is aimed at parents who have inadvertently stumbled upon images of their daughters online in, shall I say, compromising positions. It's for the Swiss parenting magazine Fritz Franzi.

But because the ad is written in English with minimal copy it may not be real.  The magazine, though, is real and provides parenting advice for parents with school-age children.



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