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April 2013 - Posts

How B2B Marketers Cope with Buyers' Short Attention Spans

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Coping with Buyers' Short Attention Spans

Today's buyers have very short attention spans - and those attention spans are shrinking rapidly. The average individual has an eight-second attention span for online content - that's one second less than a goldfish and 12 seconds less than he/she had about a decade ago.

So if marketers who want to make an impression, they need to do it quickly. With the average person experiencing up to 3,000 brand impressions each day, capturing customers' attention is no easy feat. Marketers who understand their customers and create content to meet their specific needs will succeed.

Marketers can stay on top of popular topics with tools such as Google Trends and produce content to add to the conversation. In this mobile-driven world, buyers search the web for answers to their questions. Marketers must identify cases where potential customers are seeking information and develop bite-size content pieces that offer quick solutions.

Philips Norelco ... I'd Date Me

Click here to see Philips Norelco's newest commercial for "man grooming." The details make it funny.

Charmin ... Enjoy the Go

One of the advantages in using animated mascots versus live actors is that you get to do things like this.

As Long as We're on "Poop" ...

How do you know when your baby has dropped a nasty doo-doo in his/her drawers? Well, for one, you can probably smell it. But for parents who want to know immediately when the dirty deed has been done there's the Baby Poop Alarm.

The device attaches to the outside of the diaper and plays a sound/lights up when your sweet, precious angel busts out a stanky poo. $3.65 Source

New York Sports ClubTakes on Kim Jong-un

North Korean strongman lardass Kim Jong-un should take some advice from New York Sports Clubs: "Exercise reduces aggression and makes you more attractive to others. Join today."

The gym franchise, known for its snarky promos tied to current events, recently placed an ad in the New York City edition of the Metro newspaper inviting the portly potentate to use its facilities for a workout. This particular bit of low-hanging humor will likely fall flat for the rotund ruler; since the whole missile thing is proving pretty useful for him so far.

Win a Free Trip to the Ventriloquists Convention

Once again our friends Terry Fator & Taylor Makakoa are offering three amazing scholarship packages to this year's ventriloquist convention including two scholarships for performers 17-and-under and one for a performer 18-and-up! Three lucky winners, selected by a judging panel, will win scholarship packages. Click here to see Terry and Taylor explain the rules.

The scholarships include:

- $2,000 toward expenses for winner and a guest or chaperone provided by Terry Fator & Taylor Makakoa
- A $350 credit towards an Axtell Expressions puppet provided by Steve Axtell
- Entry fees for the 2013 Vent Haven convention provided by Vent Haven
- Enrollment fees for nine ventriloquism courses at www.learn-ventriloquism.com provided by Tom Crowl

Fill out the form at 
http://www.terryfator.com/scholarship and submit your video by May 31, 2013 to be entered.

What B2B Social Media Requires

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

What B2B Social Media Requires

An effective social media program requires commitment-especially in manufacturing markets where you'll face some unique challenges. Namely, you're engaging intelligent engineers and technologists who will trust and respect only those who deliver useful expertise.

That's why whoever becomes your social media representative has to be someone who is deep into your industry and products and can contribute specific, knowledgeable information.

In addition to qualified content, the other requirement is frequency. You must have a social media calendar-just as you would develop a media calendar for paid media or an editorial calendar for public relations.

Manufacturers that don't have the internal expertise to give their social media the care and feeding it needs are turning to marketing partners to develop their social media strategy, set up the appropriate social media accounts and company pages, and provide expert commentators to participate in conversations and regularly create blog posts.

The investment is worth it, and the expense is relatively affordable-especially compared with big-ticket marketing initiatives such as tradeshows.

Old Spice Again Entertains with Laughs

Old Spice just rolled out two new, fascinatingly bizarre ads for its Fiji Bar Soap. Parodying similar spots from the 1980s, the ads quickly take a surrealist turn. In this 15-second version, the singing narrator struggles to keep up with the ad's transition from shower to basketball-watermelon to soap.

The 30-second execution follows a handsome doctor being stalked by his shower, even during surgery. Weirdness weirdness weirdness ... buy soap.

The "Replacer" is Back ... Funnier than Ever

Nearly 3 months after an ad agency introduced us to "The Replacer" (really funny) in its campaign for Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution, the agency has brought back the character, now with sidekick JB Smoove in tow, for its Black Ops II - Uprising, promo.

Click here to see the (really funny) newly-formed duo who embark on several "replacing adventures" from serving as a weatherman to fixing TV cable ... all pretty funny.

Target Does it Again ... Sort of

Dear readers, cast your brains back a week or so ago: Remember when Target caught flak for selling only the plus-size version of a dress in Manatee Gray while the other ladies' version was labeled regular Heather Gray? The company apologized and blamed an internal process for the glitch. That's all cleared up - but who at Target made the decision to go ahead and sell Urine style sandals?

Presenting, sandals in the style of "Orina," or, as anyone who speaks Spanish knows, "Urine."

Carl's Jr. Proves the Imagination is Dirtier than the Real Thing

You've got to hand it to Carl's Jr./Hardee's - they just won't give up using sex to sell their burgers, no matter what gets in their way.

In New Zealand, according to the
National Business Review, the barrier was a broadcast TV ban on their "BBQ's Best Pair" ad by the Commercial Approvals Bureau for using "sexual appeal in an exploitative and degrading manner" and "using sex to sell an unrelated product". (Makes one wonder how many consumer ads from the Americas, Australia or Asia ever get approved there.)

Rather than give up the brand's international creative; national owner, Restaurant Brands, just hired an American actor to supply a play-by-play description of the banned video. It ends up being, thanks to the imagination, even dirtier. Sticking it to advertising regulators probably scored the brand lots of points with their target market, who they describe as "young hungry guys."
Click here or on the link above.

Interesting Ad Placement

Our friend Jay Johnson snapped this photo of an ad "Considering Cremation" on the back of a bus. He pointed out that the "Pass with Caution" warning seemed very appropriate.

Funny "Talk First" Commercial

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Talk First

QuestChat.com claims to be North America's busiest chat line. I don't know if that's true. But I do know that this commercial made me lol.

This Could be Intimidating ... and Funny

LG is making a splash with bathroom humor in this latest piece of prankvertising.

The company installed ultra-wide LG IPS 21:9 monitors at eye level above urinals in a men's room at Amsterdam's World Fashion Centre. When guys showed up to use the facilities, the screens sprang to life with crisp images of sexy female models, who appeared to be appraising the men's ... plumbing. The images were so lifelike, as seen in the hidden-camera footage, that most guys got stage fright-with many suffering a delay before they could urinate, and 25 percent failing to pee altogether.

The video topped over 1 million YouTube views in little more than two days.

Vintage Alka-Seltzer Ad

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Alaska Town Seeks To Ban Drunk Walking

Everyone knows driving drunk is a very bad idea. But one Alaska town wants to take that a step further and wants to ban drunk walking. The city doesn't want drunkards just stopping and dropping, but instead to take one of the city's 75 cabs.

KYUK.com reports on the ordinance amending the city's public decency laws that would prohibit drunkenly strolling on city streets or ice roads. "It's not geared to prohibit the intoxication as much as it's geared to keep public streets and roads, safe. To have an intoxicated person in heavy-traffic areas makes for an exponentially greater risk of harm not only to the person who's intoxicated, but anyone who's traveling on those roadways."

Vintage Alka-Seltzer Ad ... "Let's Break for Lunch"

Here a classic ad from the 60's that demonstrates "Mad Men" creativity at its best.

One Way to Sell Hand Sanitizer

This ad for Sarzer hand sanitizer shows "What you really touch!" Eeww. Gross ... but effective.

When Women Shoveled Snow and Still had Soft Hands


Above is a vintage ad for Hinds Hand Cream that would let us believe women actually shoveled out a car stuck in the snow. That can't actually happen, can it?

I Should be so Lucky

This is one lucky Mannequin American. I was never fortunate enough to partner with a female vent, let alone a half-naked female vent.

Of course things could be worse. I could have been sold to the "Kake Krusader"! Actually the vent in this ad is our good friend Bob Hamill. Bob and his partner were great representatives for TastyKake. (I wonder if he can still fit in those tights?)

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