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Society Insurance at Wisconsin Restaurant Show

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Society Insurance at WI Restaurant Show

I've lost track of how many years Dale and I have appeared at the Wisconsin Restaurant Show on behalf of Society Insurance. I think this was our 18th year ... but that's a guess. As in past years, the crowds were often several people deep in front of the Society Insurance booth.

It's become a tradition for many of the attendees to stop by and visit with us, share a few laughs and learn what's new at the insurance company where "Small Details, Make a Big Difference."

When the word got out that we may be retiring from trade show work, people began lining up to have to have their pictures taken with us ... including our buddy Ed Lump (above), of the WRA. Ed and the rest of the WRA staff have always helped to make our time at the Restaurant Show fun and productive.


Thanks to the WRA and thanks to all of the great people at Society Insurance ... many of whom have become close friends of ours over the years.   (We look forward to appearing at retirement parties for many of you.)

Emma ... There is no Substitute for Paper

Paper has a great future in this funny commercial for La Trefle, from France.

Speaking of Paper ...

According to this print ad, if you don't use a paper toilet seat cover you're basically sitting on someone's hairy butt. The ad, from Indonesia, graphically illustrates the perils of not using a Hygienex disposable paper toilet-seat cover. The copy says, "Save yourself from bad ass."   Seems a bit alarmist to me ... but it got my attention.

Why American TV News is Crap

Here's a very funny puppet perspective on American TV Newscasts from my buddies, Glove and Boots. It's funny because it's so true ... and because it's puppets.


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