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Lifespan of Super Bowl Ads

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Lifespan of Super Bowl Ads Continues to Grown

It would seem the lifespan of a Super Bowl ad keeps growing as Americans will be searching, sharing and re-watching ads this year more than ever before, according to a recent survey. Some highlights from the study:

  • Not only will half of Americans re-watch ads, but 40% will share ads. 86% will do so via Facebook and 30% via sharing on Twitter.
  • Overall, digital engagement during the Super Bowl has experienced double-digit jumps from 2010-2013, proving Americans are increasingly on two-plus screens during the big event, with Twitter seeing the most gains at 275%. More than half (56%) of viewers plan to be multi-tasking while watching the game, a percentage that drastically increases for young adults, with 86% engaged in more than two screens.
  • An estimated 31 million Americans (28% of 111 million viewers) will be hung-over on Super Bowl Monday. For those who admit they are "likely to be hung-over," social networking habits increase dramatically. 70% of heavier drinkers will be sharing ads on their social networks (vs. 40% survey avg.); 60% of heavier drinkers will post something to Facebook (vs. 34% non/lighter drinkers). Perhaps most important to marketers, intoxicated people report being five times more likely to buy something while watching the game (50% vs. 10% non/lighter drinkers).
  • For the first year, ads tied with best plays when it comes to what Super Bowl watchers are most likely to discuss the day after the game. Americans also reported they are more likely to "like" a brand (29%) on Facebook that advertises during the Super Bowl than they are to "like" a team (26%).

Buffer Time Bonding

Paul Hattery is the main attraction in Cox Communication's unique commercial/sitcom campaign Home with the Hatterys, a fake show about a family of four struggling with slow download speeds and other telecom-related hijinks. This spot was supposed to run as a one-off commercial, but after a positive reception, Cox and Draftfcb turned the idea into an ad sitcom with one-minute "episodes." Clever.

A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice Cold Day

TNT had a gargantuan success with its "Dramatic Surprise on Quiet Square" video, posted to YouTube last April. The clip-which showed a Belgian village square erupting in intricately choreographed chaos (in the style of TV dramas) when bystanders pushed a red button-went on to become the second most-shared ad of all time, trailing only Volkswagen's "The Force." Now, with TNT launching in Holland, the network has launched a sequel: "A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day."

It's basically the same idea as the original, with a few wrinkles. This time, the victims are abducted from the square and taken to a mysterious location near a dingy parking garage, where all sorts of drama unfolds involving prisoners, riot police and at least one Elvis impersonator. The abduction part makes it seem likely that the victims here are actors, too, although the clip on the whole is entertaining enough. It's hard to see it replicating the original's view counts, but you never know. People are suckers for this stuff.

3D Billboard from Kraken

In general, I like 3D billboards. Here's one from The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. The company is going with "death by giant tentacle" as the theme for a pair of 3-D billboards that went up recently in Chicago.

On each billboard, the brand's namesake mythical beast appears to have slithered one of its slimy octo-parts into an apartment and helped itself to a tasty consumer. (Turnabout is fair play.)

Wheat Board Ad Causes Controversy

The Canadian Wheat Board is in trouble for a print ad that uses a 1969 Gil Elvgren pinup painting to draw attention to a "winter pool" grain sale offer. (In other news, there's a Canadian Wheat Board.)

The painting, titled "Hi-Ho, Silver," is of a hot cowgirl straddling a fence. The ad has drawn criticism from the National Farmers Union for using what critics say is an irrelevant and sexist image to hype the Wheat Board's services.

Clearly, the only way to set this right is to find a painting of a buff cowboy straddling a fence and use it for a second ad. Or to find something of real importance for the National Farmers Union to do.

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 07:30 AM by chip


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