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Even if it's not a Profit Generator, it's Important

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Care About What Your B2B Customers Think About You

The facilities at Walt Disney World are spotless. They're not profit centers, of course. They don't make them clean because they're going to charge you to use them. They make them clean because if they didn't, you'd have a reason not to come.

Just about everything B2B companies do involves cleaning the bathrooms.

If you take a lot of time asking, "How will this pay off?" you're probably asking the wrong question. When you are trusted because you care, it's quite likely the revenue will take care of itself.

LOL M&M Commercial

Here's a new M&M's commercial that made me LOL. The spot is part of the brand's "Better With M" campaign -- and is not related to the brand's Super Bowl appearance next month.

Who Knew Home Appliances Could be Funny?

This ad starts out as a documentary about shooting a Samsung Home Appliance commercial for the company's EcoBubble washing machines on a frozen lake in the middle of winter. The a bear shows up and messes things up ... in a really funny way.

The ad is clearly pandering, but at least it's well-made pandering. It's 2 minutes long ... but watch right up to the last shot ... hysterical.

Clorox Cleans Up Vegas ... Sort of

Las Vegas is a cesspool. Clorox is bleach. It's a match made in heaven. During a recent marketing-related convention in the city, the ad agency behind Clorox began touting the brand's efficacy at cleaning up bodily fluids in a series of fratty fill-in-the-blank taxi-top ads and billboards around Sin City. Sample: "I ______ed all over my hotel room."

Because digital tie-ins are now obligatory, the billboards are interactive at bleachitaway.com/vegas, where Clorox fans can submit their own unsavory phrases, then get a picture of an outdoor placement with their mad libs plugged in (and then share it with their friends). What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... until you plaster it across your Facebook page, where all the Clorox in the world won't get it out.

Bearded Lady Bourbon

Bearded Lady Bourbon has come out with a new series of "Stay Strong" print ads that are pretty funny. I really like the one above. You have to look at it a while to appreciate all that's going on. The bottom line is that the flight attendant is showing you where your seat is ... right in the center of chaos. I love the lady in the back row giving you the finger before you even reached your seat.

A second in the series is below.


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