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Prospects Think Ads are Exaggerated ... Duh!

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Majority of People Think Ads are Exaggerated ... Duh!

Market researcher Lab42 reveals a stunning discovery; 76 percent of people think ads are somewhat or very exaggerated. Well slap me upside my wooden head. Who knew?

In other stunning findings, 96 percent of the 500 folks Lab42 surveyed believe half or more of all weight loss ads are photoshopped. Bet this makes Jessica Simpson pretty angry. While it's obvious the majority of people distrust advertising, just 17 percent wish there were more laws to regulate advertising. Guess everyone's fine with being duped.

Oh and when it comes to types of ads that make a product memorable, eight percent approve of the sex sells approach. (I'm guessing 92 percent of that eight percent were men.)

But humor trumps all with 71 percent of respondents stating a funny ad makes them more likely to remember a product.

Of course, this is a study of what kind of advertising people SAY influences them; not a study of what ACTUALLY influences them. Apples and oranges, people. Apples and oranges.

How to Market to Kids ... Use the Word "Poop"

Moxie Girlz, from MGA, are a softer version of the company's Bratz dolls. And they come with "Poopsy Pets." You guessed it ... the whacked-out pets poop. And not just any kind of poop. Poopsy Pets eat and poop rainbows and jewels.

This product is technically accurate in that if you feed your pet jewels, it will excrete them back out. They'll just be embedded in good old-fashioned poop.

Pinocchio Promotes Reading is Fundamental

Reading is Fundamental brought together some of the most beloved literary characters in this ad to rally people behind the Book People Unite movement and help get books in the hands of kids who need them the most. You can join the movement at bookpeopleunite.org

The ad uses puppets, animation and real people to depict Pinocchio, Madeline, Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Rip Van Winkle, LeVar Burton, Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Curious George, Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Goldilocks and the three bears, Captain Ahab, Three Pigs, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Babar the Elephant, Mr. Men, Little Miss, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Tall, Peter (The Snowy Day), The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Black Beauty. It's actually quite clever and, hopefully, effective.

Two Prints Ads That Caught My Eye


This ad for Mother's car wax is aimed at car owners who are "fanatical" about their cars. With a scarecrow next to the driveway to keep birds at a distance, the ad is both clever and eye-catching.

Why You Should Sanitize Your Hands

This ad for Dettol hand sanitizer is from Chile. The concept is clever ... in a yucky sort of way. But you have to admit, it does get your attention.

Achmed's Weekly Bombs

Jeff Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist posts weekly videos on Youtube titled Achmed's Weekly Bombs. The Jan. 4th version struck me as particularly funny. Click here to view it.

Posted: Jan 18 2013, 07:30 AM by chip


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