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B2B Marketing Should be Personal

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

B2B Marketing Should be Personal

Today's B2B buyer demands more personalized attention. And to be more personal the marketer must be more automated.

Marketing automation captures buyer behavior. Marketing automation lets us know which specific content buyers are consuming. Marketing automation tells us where our buyers are finding our content. Marketing automation tells us what they do next. With this data marketers can deliver targeted content and offers which serve to both improve buyer engagement and increase conversion rates.

It's ironic that to become more personal, B2B marketers need to become more automated. Marketers need to constantly evolve their programs based on how their buyers react to their marketing messages. Behavioral marketing is no longer an option ... it's now mandatory.

Why it's Not a Good Idea to Speak from Your Heart

This is almost a year old but it's still good because it's funny and it features Faith Hill. Unsure how to express yourself this Valentine's Day? Teleflora florists can help you find the perfect gift to say exactly what you feel.

Nonexistent Billboard Attracts Enough Attention to Make the Effort Worthwhile

Here's a pretty nifty marketing stunt that got a lot of attention without spending a lot of money. To promote the suction of the Miele S8 vacuum cleaner, without spending a lot of money, marketers created a photoshopped billboard that didn't exist. Then they added it to a well-known tunnel in Slovakia, turning the tunnel into a hose from the vacuum cleaner. Click here to see the 50 second video.

Creative Packaging Increases Fruit Sales to Kids

To make boring fruits as appealing as possible Fresh´N´Friends repackaged them as fruit figures. During the first month, Fresh N' Friends sold twice as much fruit as before. The fruit figures even obtained publicity in newspapers. And presumably kids now eat healthier because they want to.

The company also invited kids to design their own fruit figures. Over 3,500 designs from children were submitted. A rabbit figure got the most votes and was added to the product range.

Bandages That Explain What Happened

I gotta get me some of these "What Happened Last Night?" bandages that explain what happened to cause your injury. Without a doubt, "Beer Related Accident" is my favorite.

Innocent Ad from the 50's Now Generates Smirks


This Just In ...

Okay, I guess it's official, so I can announce that Dale and I will be giving a lecture on "How to Create and Book Banquet Programs" on the opening night of the International Ventriloquists' Convention on July 17th. We'll also be appearing on the Thursday night show with Bertha the Bag Lady, Louie the Jockey and Shaggy Dog.

So keep up-to-date as more entertainers are scheduled and make plans now to attend.

Posted: Dec 07 2012, 07:30 AM by chip


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