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August 2012 - Posts

Promoting Hooters with Puppets?

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

New Hooters Campaign Uses Finger Puppets. Wait. What?

Hooters has launched a new campaign designed to appeal to a broader and younger audience that includes women. While the brand's CMO, Dave Henninger promises the tight tops and orange shorts are here to stay, the new campaign will focus on new menu items and new locations. And I have to admit, this ad is pretty darn funny ... "I just threw up in my beak," says the owl puppet.

Too Much Sex is Bad

Using "sex" as only PETA can, has enlisted yet another sexpot to hype one of its causes. This time, it's all about not having sex. And this no-sex message comes to us from someone who has made a career out of having sex - porn star Sunny Leone.

Mantherapy is "Seriously" Funny

If the opening video at this site doesn't make you laugh out loud, then you need your sense of humor checked.

The site provides manly tips, activities and resources for guys. It's contains serious information ... but it's presented in anything but a serious manner.  Guys, go to this site and click around. The more you click the more you'll laugh ... and learn.

But They Don't Sell Body Paint?

This vintage ad caught my eye ... not because the lady is dressed only in paint (okay that helped) but because the ad isn't for body paint. It's for what I presume are designer paints for automobiles. I'm guessing because the ad doesn't really say. But who cares ... she's only wearing paint!

Do Women Really Need to be Told This?

Here's a wannabe Olympic ad for the Milwaukee Health Department's effort to reduce the infant mortality rate. The ad aims to tout the benefits of a full term pregnancy. I wasn't aware that a woman has control over that sort of thing, but what do I know? I'm just a Mannequin American who works in marketing.

Todd Oliver on AGT!


Our friend Todd Oliver and his dog Erving appeared on the semifinals of America's Got Talent. Here's his 90 second bit. Way to go Todd!

More importantlly, Todd and Erving appeared at Dale Brown's retirement party (the guy who has a hand in everything I do), via video. They did a hilarious bit along with a heartfelt tribute to Dale and his impact on the careers of other ventriloquists.

Thanks for your friendship Todd, and thanks for doing such a great job representing ventriloquists all over the globe.

A Fitting Tribute

Funny Commercial Shows How to Get Your Kids to Move Out

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

How to Get Your Kids to Move Out

Want to know how to get your kids to move out of the house? This hilarious British ad for Lawsons Bread provides the answer.

Sometimes There's No Service at all ... That's Called "Self Service"

This European ad for Fonecta, a company that provides services for "inquiries, bookings and general services," whatever that means, uses several examples of what the difference is between good and bad service. Funny.


How B2B Can Use Facebook's Cover

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

How B2B Can Use Facebook's Cover

Thanks to Facebook's update last March, every business has the opportunity to display a large photo or image above its profile picture. This image is your Facebook Cover.

Businesses and brands that use Facebook now have to go beyond typical promotions and giveaways, requiring further investment in unique content creation and design.

How can your business use Facebook Cover? Here are some ideas for making the most of it.

Start Off Fresh: Think about your Facebook Cover as your homepage design. It's the first big visual that users see when they are led to your page, enabling them to make a snap judgment about your business. You should think about developing a presence that is welcoming, engaging, and unique.

Businesses that simply copy and paste pictures and text can miss the mark and lose opportunities to further engage customers and prospects. Avoid stock photos and images that don't jive with your brand. Promotional material of any sort is a no-no; avoid discounts, promotions, and URL listings in the actual image design. See what your fans are talking about, then use that data to guide the process.

Keep It Social: Social media is not a one-shot deal; it should be consistently fresh. This means changing your Facebook Cover often to help establish a tone for your business.

Here are some additional suggestions for keeping your Facebook Cover fresh.

  • Sync it with an infographic.
  • Use seasonal appeals that trigger positive associations.
  • Highlight lifestyle imagery.

The social media ecosystem requires a constant evolution of content strategy. Find the balance of staying true to your brand while using fresh content to engage your customers.

Creating Instant Personalized Direct Mail

In a clever spin on direct mail for Toronto's Pfaff Automotive, one of the dealership's Porsches was photographed in the driveways of affluent homes. Each image was used to create a personalized direct mail piece and left at the home where it was shot.

The headline: "It's closer than you think." The result was a 32 percent response rate to a site where recipients could schedule a test drive. Direct mail is typically about hitting as many people as possible for as low a cost as possible, but this creative idea shows that for luxury brands, a smaller effort can sometimes go a long way.

Best Trained Dogs in the World

This French commercial for Citroen features some of the most talented and funniest dogs I've ever seen.

Are You Pumping with Confidence?

Ad creatives (and I use the term loosely) finally figure out a way to use sexual innuendo to sell gasoline. One of the people in this ad for Arco didn't always "Pump with Confidence." But he does now.

Free Flexor Replaces the Shake Weight as the Most Suggestive Exercise Device

As long as wer're on "pumping" ... this Korean infomercial has sat unloved on YouTube for a year and a half, then suddenly galloped to fame this week. It pushes a product meant to simulate the great full-body workout that you get from riding a horse. "Horseback riding," however, is not the first activity that most viewers think of while watching the product demo.

Puppet on Puppet Action

Even though we're just talking puppets here, this is NSFW. Click here to see XXX puppet clips from Team America and other movies that involved lead puppeteer, Scott Land. Apparently he's out with a new project. (Why can't I get cast in one of this guy's movies?)



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