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How to Improve Business Communication

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

News Note: On the decreasing pregnancy rates in teens: Now that kids can sext, real sex just seems like too much effort.

5 Tips for Improving Business Communication

Here are some tips to ensure that what you say and what you write have impact and as few unintended consequences as possible.

Don't communicate for your own benefit. People talk and write all the time for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with communication. The expression you often hear is, "He likes to hear himself talk." We do it to get attention, to relieve stress, to take out our anger or because we're bored or lonely. It's a long, long list. Here's the thing. Don't do it.

Keep your emotions in check. At least be aware of your emotional state. Know what you're feeling and why before you interact with others. When we're down or stressed and aren't aware of the cause, we often take it out on others, and that truly negatively impacts the way we communicate.

Consider the response. The funny thing about communication at a distance -- email, voicemail, etc. -- is that there's a mistaken feeling that it's a one-shot deal. We rarely consider that recipients may shoot back. Get into the habit of considering the response before you rant or flame somebody. When you feel a rant coming on, get it out of your system by talking to a friend or your spouse.

Read what you wrote before you send it. These days, we write a lot more than we speak. That's good news because you can edit. But most people are in too big a hurry and don't. Big mistake. Always read what you wrote before you hit send or post. Critically think about who will be reading it and how they may interpret what you wrote.

Discipline. The key to effective communication is to make it a priority. That means discipline. Once you say or post something dumb, you can't take it back. It's a connected world. Don't abuse it or burn your connections.

Most Honest Ad You'll See Today

Here's how this highly entertaining and unusual video starts: "Hi there. Jerry O'Pry here. And I'm on a mission to save my job. Get a coupon for my Wheel & Tire Care Kit, and enter for a chance to win my car, at http://www.gojerrygo.com/ ."

Jerry is President of a small company in a bad economy. And he's bet the farm on this promotion. I hope it works.  Go to http://www.gojerrygo/ for more info.

Universal Sizing Chart Demystifies Larger Bras

With the average American bra size now a 36DD, vs. a 36C about a decade ago, according to several top lingerie retailers, the demand for larger bras is increasing - but so is confusion over what size to buy. (I'll have to take their word for that.) So at last there's a universal sizing chart for bras. Apparently this is a big deal ... although guys will probably stick with their own tried and true rating system

The 40H bra on left is two bands too big, four cups too small. The 36 double H on right works. On http://www.herroom.com/ the bra at left is a 40 D5 using the universal size chart. The one at right is a 36 D9.

HerRoom.com groups more than 150 different brands' different cup sizes for size D and up into one letter and one number. Once a woman knows her universal cup size, from D1, D2, D3, and up, she can shop on the site using that single designation rather than having to figure out the size depending on brand.

Apparently Hewitt's Breasts are too Big

As long as we're on breasts (sorry Adelia), Entertainment Weekly was OK with Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show in which she plays a single mom turned prostitute. But they were less comfortable with her, uh, qualifications for the role.

At least, that's the only explanation I can think of for why ads in EW promoting The Client List were altered to reduce the size of Hewitt's breasts. Everywhere else, the ads showed her to be more ample.

Who is Scarlett Johansson?

While everyone is obsessing over Jennifer Love Hewitt's digital breast reduction, Scarlett Johansson's equally impressive chest is front and center on the business cards of a California-based sex shop called VIP. On the cards, Johansson can be seen wearing a black bra under an unbuttoned shirt.

TMZ discovered the business card. According to TMZ, the store manager, who has no idea who Scarlett Johansson is, said the store owner ordered cards from a company, told the company he wanted a girl on the card and the company snagged the image of Johansson.

The Down Side to Bigger Gum


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