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No Need for B2B to Rush to Facebook

(The last breakfast)

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

No Need for Most B2B Marketers to Rush to Facebook

You've probably heard that Facebook is busy reinventing advertising. Is that the path b2b companies want/need to travel? Signs point to no.

According to Jay Baer of Convince and Convert, the more companies use social media channels to sell, the less they sell. Baer points to new research from ExactTarget. In their "2012 Channel Preferences Study", 1,500 Americans ages 15 and older were asked about their usage of email, social media, and text messaging.

"Email is thriving thanks in large part to the channel's familiarity, flexibility, and universality," the report says.

Even for companies that we have given permission to send us offers (not Spam), only 4% of us prefer those messages to be delivered via Facebook, and just 1% via Twitter, whereas 77% of us prefer offers to be delivered via email and 44% would look to email first to find a deal.

So stop worrying how your campaign will play out on Tweetbook, and continue to work on how it will be received in your prospect's inbox.

Clever Billboard Reprisal

Newcastle took quick advantage of a billboard position to poke a little fun at its competitor, Stella Artois.

Parking with a Cell Phone

This is just too cool to pass up.  Click here to see how you can now park your car from the outside, using your smart phone.

Are Warning Stickers Supposed to Make You Laugh?

Notcot went to a recent industrial trade show and instead of covering the machinery, photo documented the warning stickers on machines. The more you look, the more you'll believe that the Amish are onto something.

Click here to see more machine warning labels.

Frasier Call-in Celebrities Revealed


The many folks who phoned into Frasier's radio show with various degrees of mental illness weren't just Hollywood voice-over actors. They were actually Christopher Reeve, Art Garfunkel, John Lithgow, Matthew Broderick, Ray Liotta, Ron Howard, Bill Paxton, Helen Mirren, little Hillary Duff and more.

Click here or on the video above to see who called in and hear their calls.

Posted: Apr 24 2012, 07:30 AM by chip


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