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A Dummy's Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin
Mannequin American views and guidelines on marketing/PR trends, news from the world of puppets and ventriloquism, bits of humor and other interesting but useless information. I post every Tuesday and Friday.
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How to Make Your Company Memorable



A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

Note: For safety and comfort, readers of this blog should be in good health and free from heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by Mannequin American awesomeness.  

How to Make Your Company Memorable to Prospects

If you could tell a prospect only one thing about your business (a single sentence) that you hope the prospect will remember forever and repeat often ... what would you say?

If you discovered you had time for a second sentence, what would you add?

For some reason - you get a chance at adding a third sentence.  What's next?

Wow! The prospect seems fascinated. But it's the first question that's the killer.  If you could only say ONE thing and then had to walk away and that was all your prospect was ever going to remember about your business, what would you say? Once you figure that out, you'll know the key message that you should always lead with.

Give it a try.  It's worth the effort.

One Touch Pizza Ordering

Designed to appeal to consumers that are looking for speed and efficiency when ordering food, a pizza joint has created a one-step process to getting a pizza delivered to the front door.

Created by a Dubai-based restaurant called Red Tomato Pizza, the wood-fire pizza place has designed a fridge magnet that allows consumers to order a pizza for delivery by pressing the magnet one time. In order to enable the one-touch process, the user syncs the ‘VIP Fridge Magnet' via Bluetooth with a smartphone. The user sets up their favorite type of pizza order online and this specific selection will be tied to the user's account. As noted by Mashable, the magnet is in the shape of a small pizza box with a lid that opens up. 

National pizza chains such as Domino's Pizza, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut offer smartphone apps on the iOS and Android platforms, but certainly nothing as simple as a one-click method. However, the app for Domino's Pizza does include the ability to track the progress of the order from the time it starts baking to the point when the pizza is headed out to the consumer for delivery.

Saving Your Bacon ... for Eternity

For diehard bacon aficionados, bacon is not just a way of life, but could also be a way to spend eternity. And no, I don't mean overeating it to the point of artery-clogging, I mean that J&D's Foods has created what it calls the Bacon Coffin, painted to resemble that supreme pork product and cradle you six feet under forevermore.

Yes, this is really real. Bacon Coffins are finished with a painted Bacon and Pork shading and accented with gold stationary handles. Price is $2,999.95 plus shipping.

After baconlube (bacon flavored personal lubricant), we all knew it was just going to keep getting weirder. We once asked what could be next from the makers of Baconnaise and Bacon Baby Formula, and now they've answered us with this eternal offering.

Now You Can Rent Your Ties

According to TieTry, if you want that great look, you need a great tie! The problem is, once you wear that tie a few times, the look can become old.

Take what Netflix did for the movie industry and apply it to ties and you end up with TieTry - a new business that gives men the opportunity to have a great look that never gets old!

How it works:  As a member, you simply go to the TieTry website and select the ties you want to try.  The ties are shipped to you and you can wear them once, twice or however many times you'd like. Then simply send them back. Once returned, the good people at TieTry will immediately send out the next set of ties on your list.

A two month membership is $16 and includes all the tie swapping you want.
Click here to go to the website.

Now You Can Dress Like Fozzie

As long as we're on fashion, if there's one Muppet that fans have always wished they could dress like, it's Fozzie Bear.  His choice of headwear and neckwear, combined with his otherwise nude appearance, inspired us all to higher fashion.

Which is why I, for one, am very excited that Macy's just announced The Fozzie Bear Collection, which will soon be available at their retail stores, and then on their website. So far, the lineup consists only of porkpie hats and polka-dotted neckties. But there are plans to add more items, including Fozzie's reporter hat from The Great Muppet Caper and a replica of his Patrol Bear uniform.  There are also plans for a "juniors" line for kids, including Baby Fozzie's beanie and onesie from Muppet Babies.

I can't wait to purchase this stuff ... although I don't recommend leaving the house with nothing but a hat and tie on.

Stuffed and Unstrung Featured on Celebrity Apprentice

And speaking of Muppets, a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice took place at a Henson Alternative's Stuffed and Unstrung performance.  The contestants had to design their own original puppets, and then perform in the live improv show. (Then one of the celebrities undoubtedly had a breakdown, and then The Donald made a pouty face and fired someone.

The episode aired on April 15 at 9pm EST on NBC.

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