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November 2011 - Posts

Use QR Code to Donate Toys

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

News: Two 5K runners were hit by a deer.  People who ate leftovers while watching TV were not hit by any deer. Advantage - us!

Use a QR Code to Donate Toys

eBay and Toys for Tots have launched the GIVE-A-TOY STORE. An interactive window display in New York (at 35th and Broadway) and San Francisco (at 117 Post St.) lets you donate a toy by scanning its tag (a QR code) with the eBay mobile app.

Once scanned, the animated toys come to life, encouraging passers-by to get into the holiday giving spirit. It's a clever, engaging and simple way to encourage charitable giving during this holiday season.

And, for those of you who can't stop by in-person, you can donate some joy at ebay.com/giveatoystore.com

No More Insects

The tagline on this print ad for S8P insecticide says, "No insects left." The photo says it even better.

Why Marketers of Men's Products Use Women in Their Ads

Just in case there was any doubt, this entertaining commercial for JBS Men's Underwear comes right out and explains why they use a half-naked woman wearing men's briefs to sell their product. It's because, "Men don't want to see naked men."

Old Spice Continues to be "New"


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Here's the newest Old Spice commercial. It does a lot in just 30 seconds.

A Puppet's Proposal

I usually don't post romantic stuff. And to be honest when I read about Sid Ceaser proposing to Sara Prindiville as a Muppet I thought it was probably a lame, geek-type story. I was wrong and the video and story struck a chord. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, Sid made a short 3 minute video with two "What Not" puppets and made an elaborate plan for the video to be shown at a real theater in the midst of real movie trailers. Click here for the complete story and the video. If you're a romantic, you'll appreciate the story, the effort and the love. And if you like puppets ... it's even better.

Muppets Steal SNL from Jason Segel

Even if you're not a fan of the Muppets, Jason Segel's monologue from SNL, which includes a song with well-known Muppets, will make you laugh. The Muppets are at their best when they surprise us with some adult humor and adult behaviors ... and during the song they display both. It's six minutes and takes about a minute to get into the song ... but it's worth the wait. Click here or on the link above. (It's on Hulu so the video is prefaced with a short ad.)

In Defense of Bob Costas

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

By happenstance I reside in WI ... so I'm a "cheese head" by accident.  But I'm a Packer fan on purpose. As a football fan it's tough to top the history, the tradition and the class of all that encompasses the Packers, Lambeau Field and the Midwestern flavour of title town.

I'm also an admirer of Bob Costas. He's an intellect in a vast field of sportscasters who are not intellectual.

But Costas has been getting raked over the coals this week for his rant on NBC about NFL touchdown celebrations. Apparently I'm a traditionalist, because I fall in same camp as Costas. If you missed his rant, below is the transcript. But the video is better.

Bob Costas Essay

For those of you too busy keeping up with the Kardashians to notice, we live in a culture that in many ways grows more stupid and graceless by the moment. Sports both reflects and influences that sorry trend, so on playing fields everywhere, true style is in decline, while mindless exhibitionism abounds.

In the late '60's, the Giants had a receiver named Homer Jones. He invented the spike -- and it was great; a simple, elegant punctuation that somehow has devolved into this...(video of excessive celebrations)

Given the tone of the times, it's probably too much to expect that most players would appreciate that back in the day, this guy (Barry Sanders) was much cooler than this guy (Mark Gastineau), or that there is a difference between spontaneous and/or good-natured displays of enthusiasm and calculated displays of obnoxious self-indulgence. No, that train has already gone so far down the wrong track, there's probably no turning back.

So our suggestion here is a more modest one: hey, knuckleheads, is it too much to ask that you confine your buffoonery to situations that don't directly damage your team? Week after week, game after game, we see guys who think nothing of incurring penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, costing their team's valuable yardage, even late in close games.

Today's most conspicuous culprit: Buffalo's Stevie Johnson, who after a TD catch versus the Jets, thought it would be a good idea to go Marcel Marceau, pantomiming, among other things, Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg. But in this case, it was Johnson, who shot himself in the foot, as his display cost his team a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff. And given a short field, the Jets proceeded to score in a critical game that wound up, 28-24, New York.

Which raises this question: where are the coaches in all this? Guys are routinely benched or called out for blown assignments. When is a coach going to make an overdue statement and sit a guy down on the grounds of pure selfishness and unprofessionalism detrimental to his team?

By the way, late in the loss to the Jets, Johnson dropped a pass that could have led to a Buffalo win. Shockingly, he didn't follow it with a rehearsed "my bad" dance of apology. Maybe he just forgot."

When Do You Share These Posts?


A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer

When Are You Likely to Share These Posts?

Stats from social sharing service AddThis indicate that online content is most likely to be shared on Wednesdays. (Too bad I post on Tuesdays and Fridays.)

Other interesting stats:

  • People tend to share the most around 9:30 Eastern Time (so we cunningly timed this post for just before that peak moment).
  • 75% of clicks on a share will happen within the first day that the content is shared.
  • Most users click within 2 minutes of a share.
  • Copy-and-paste to share can be used up to 10 times more than those social sharing buttons out there.

Yet Another Stupid CA Law

Some readers think I pick on CA. I don't really "pick" on the state. I just report what goes on there. For instance, three months ago, the city of Glendale, CA, approved a ban on the use of artificial grass on residents' front yards. Those opposed to the fake grass are concerned about possible environmental hazards they believe the artificial turf poses. (No one seems to know what those "hazards" are.)

On the flip side, those in favor of the fake stuff say it saves on water (CA has a shortage of water) and maintenance (no need to use gas-powered lawn mowers) and looks just as good as real grass. They say that if the city is so concerned about the dangers of artificial grass, why is it still allowed in back yards?

City officials tell KCAL-TV they plan to press criminal charges against those who do not comply with the ban. Residents try to protect their artificial turf [Glendale News-Press]

Windshield Wiper PSA

This is pretty ingenious. To aid drivers who may have imbibed before getting behind the wheel, Hapa Sushi restaurant created and applied 5,000 hand-shaped cards to the windshield wipers of parked cars aimed at helping drivers determine if they may be too impaired to drive.

The card's message read, ""WHEN TO CALL A CAB. 1. Turn wipers on low. 2. If you have any difficulty following the finger with your eyes, we suggest you call a taxi at 1.800.829.4222." The 800 number was directed to one of several cab companies.

And no sushi sales message. How high-minded of the restaurant.

Ballroom Jeans

Sorry. I love commercials that use sophomoric humor. And this commercial for Duluth Ballroom Jeans does just that.

Find a Drink to go With Your Music

Food and wine pairings are so last year. If you really want to impress that special someone, you'll pour them a drink that matches the tunes playing on your stereo. Type any artist name into Drinkify and it'll provide a custom cocktail recipe. I went to the website and it did a superb job of coming up with a drink for ZZ Top.

What's in the Box?

Ever since I first saw Justin Timberlake's "Dick in a Box" video, my mind flies to the gutter when I see a guy holding a gift-wrapped box. So not surprisingly the Warehouse One ad above made me smile.

If you aren't familiar with SNL's "Dick in a Box" featuring Justin Timberlake, click here to see the video that's been viewed over 30 million times.

‘Tis the Season for Bacon

Bacon Candy Canes looks just like standard candy canes, but with a twist. The twist is they taste like bacon. For nutrition information, click here.

Bacon Candy Canes

  • That classic white and red swirl coupled with the delicious taste of bacon.
  • Yup, they taste like bacon.
  • You get 6 candy canes in each lovingly illustrated box.
  • Each candy cane is individually wrapped for easier sharing.



Happy Thanksgiving

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