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Carl's Jr. Regional Super Bowl Ad

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Hold onto Your Patties

Carl's Jr. has released an extended version of its regional Super Bowl ad. It shows as much skin as you’d expect.

It's called "Au Naturel," and indeed, it appears to show Charlotte McKinney walking around in the buff—with suggestively shaped everyday objects strategically covering her up personal parts. There is a twist at the end, of course.

Scorsese, De Niro and DeCaprio in Funny Foreign Casino Ad

Martin Scorsese famously has two favorite actors, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. But De Niro and DiCaprio have never worked on a Scorsese project together—until now.

Here’s an entertaining trailer for a short film called The Audition. It stars both actors and the director—and sets up a rivalry between De Niro and DiCaprio, with the two vying for the same acting role. The short film will reportedly be unveiled later this year—and will also feature Brad Pitt, for extra star power.

The catch? The whole thing is an elaborate advertisement for two casino resorts: City of Dreams Manila in the Philippines and Studio City Macao in China.

Vintage A-Bomb Ad

Yup. In case there was a nuclear attack in the 50’s, all you needed to “wash contamination away” was Flobar detergent.

Paint by Number Toilet Paper

Notice that the only color you need is “brown.”

Ventriloquist Convention Schedule is Available

You can download the 2015 Ventriloquists’ ConVENTion Brochure PDF here! Or just go to www.venthaven.com





Are Monkeys Funnier Than Camels?

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Bingle Insurance Puts its Ad in the Hands of a Monkey

U.K. car insurance company Bingle is rebranding itself with the "it's so easy," routine. How easy? It’s so easy a chimp can do it while sky diving.

Is throwing a monkey out of a plane blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back funny? Judge for yourself.

This College Says, "What You Know is What You Are" 


I guess a person won't get very far is all they know about is pop music and the people who make it. At least that's what this ad for Sapir Academic College in the U.K. thinks.

Lady Gillette Promotional Towel


The towel above apparentlyl is promoting Venus, the Gillette product ladies use to shave their under arms and nether regions.

Here's a Funny Shirt


And while we're on plumbers ... 


Can Honesty be Bad?




State Farm Ad Pokes Fun at Itself

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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New State Farm Ad Pokes Some Fun at Itself

This entertaining spot looks at State Farm’s “Magic Jingle” campaign from comical angle of disappearing agents in State Farm offices across the country. Good extension of a good campaign.

Oscar Ad Makes Viewers do a Double Take

If you haven’t seen this particular Oscars commercial featuring Neil Patrick Harris, I’m betting you’ll watch it twice to try to figure out how it was done.

Clever Packaging


Here are some examples of some clever packaging. Above, Fit Buns package makes you believe the product can give you six-pack abs. Below, Twinkies are turned into Minions.

Vintage Kellogg’s Ad


Kids! Don’t look up!





McDonald's Ad: Heartwarming or Insensitive?

A Puppet's Ramblings - from Chip Martin, Mannequin American Marketer
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Good McDonald’s Ad Takes Uncalled-for Heat

I’m in the minority on this one … but I think this is another example of why advertisers should sometimes ignore social media.

For years, McDonald's franchise owners across the country have used their signs to spread messages of love, hope and respect. McDonald's aired a new commercial touting this fact, last Sunday during the NFL Playoff games and on the Golden Globe Awards.

This ad focuses on how McDonald's franchises have, over the past 20 years, used their roadside signs to support, celebrate or otherwise acknowledge local and national events, both happy and tragic—everything from 9/11 to the homecoming of troops to the 30th wedding anniversary of a couple who've celebrated every year of marriage at a McDonald's.

It’s actually a pretty good ad, focusing on how McDonald’s franchises are indeed, part of local communities owned by local business people.

Predictably the ad got a less-than-enthusiastic response on Twitter and other Social Media outlets from vocal minorities who think the company should be paying higher wages. Others thought the ad was capitalizing on tragedy and suffering. Some advertising and marketing trade publications/blogs have focused on the negative comments … ignoring the fact that the ads were probably viewed positively by a silent majority.

I hope the ad isn’t pulled … but it probably will be. It’s a good ad with a good message. Franchises are owned by local business people who are part of our communities and who, through no fault of their own, sometimes get sucked into debates involving national issues that impact their businesses.



In this ad for Kushyfoot a Queens woman thought new stockings that promised an “orgasmic” experience would rock her world — but they left her as frustrated as a selfish lover.

So now, Meng Wang is suing, claiming in a new Brooklyn federal class-action suit that she was duped into believing she’d get some good vibrations from the pair of black Kushyfoot Shaping Tights she bought at an Elmhurst Duane Reade for $7.64 after seeing an ad for the product. The company has said that “the special ridged pattern on the socks helps relieve stress and promote overall well-being.”

Outdoor Ad of the Day


Two Ventriloquists Among Top 10 Highest Earning Comedians



(Above: This vent is not among the highest paid comedians in America.)

Forbes recently looked at the top 10 highest earning comedians in America, and two of them are ventriloquists.


Jerry Seinfeld was last year’s top earner, bringing in $32 million, followed by puppet-wielding America’s Got Talent winner Terry Fator, who earned $24 million. Russell Peters, Jeff Dunham (a ventriloquist), Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Larry the Cable Guy, George Lopez, Daniel Tosh, Gabriel Iglesias and Ron White round out the top 10.


Glove and Boots Test Poo-Pourri





This Glove and Boots episode is a few months old … but they product test Poo-Pourri … so it’s really worth watching, because you’ll laugh!





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